The Middle Finger Dictionary

The Middle Finger Dictionary

The largest and most unique dictionary of this kind in the world-containing *12,495 F-Words *2,168 Definitions *2,253 Usage Examples *5,384 Other Dirty Words *100,666 Total Words *All Major Englishes.Thanks to THE MIDDLE FINGER DICTIONARY: You will learn not only new F-word expressions but also numerous buzz words, and even high-level academic jargon (don't be scared, everything is clearly explained). The vocabulary ranges from mega slangy to intensely SAT-y-mainly as the most sophisticated wisecracks, the wittiest retorts and knee-slapping rejoinders. You will never be defenseless against a foul-mouthed assault. Metaphorically speaking, you can throw the book at the aggressors and give such a biting talking-to or a mordant castigation that they are not going to forget it in a hurry. And, of course, you can throw this 408-page book literally-albeit only as the very last resort, and preferably without witnesses and behind closed doors.Of course, you may use this dictionary as a reference book to look up unknown F-word phrases and, only in a case of absolute necessity, as your vocalized means of defense, and in some rare instances, of a preemptive vociferous strike.This way or that, you also have an exceptional opportunity to peruse this dictionary as a good read full of insightful and detailed explanations of all entries and funny, indecent examples of usage. They may inspire you to be a lexicographer yourself.Last but not least, this book can increase your verbal brainpower by expanding significantly your scurrilous vocabulary. According to scientific studies, people with a higher IQ tend to swear a lot-often like proverbial mule-skinners or troopers.


Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date
ISBN 9781979570732
Pages 408 pages
Rating 4/5 (36 users)

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